Tiny Town Association

As a viable housing option, the Tiny Town Association (TTA) seeks to bring together the federal, provincial, territory and municipal governments to create designated locations where THOW owners can legally reside and select individuals can transition for social programs.

For the concept of Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) to become a true housing option, a program that spans the nation is required. A national program with locations within commuting distance of host cities, operating as a network across the nation, will determine where THOWs can reside.

Embarking on a Tiny Town plan will address the growing burden (current or expected) on municipalities dealing with individual cases on their own. It will create a national plan that each can refer to when faced with Tiny Home location issues.

Finally the Tiny Town social initiative will help people transitioning from social assistance programs to living independently, by providing transitional housing in each Tiny Town.

Become a member Of TTA at http://tinytownassociation.com/

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Hi…looking to get or build a tiny house on wheels. I want it to raise in height up to 6 ‘ for the 2nd floor. Year round living. Need real interior stairs with storage underneath. Side entrance. Bay window over propane tank/ living room…8 1/2’x20’.


We have just set up a mini cabin/house on a lake in Michigan. We cannot find insurance coverage unless we can prove the mini was built by a company of licensed builders. (It is on a trailer and was originally pulled here from Wisconsin to Michigan by former owners). We’ve reached a dead end now and really would feel easier having insurance.