Protecting your Tiny House from Theft

We recently read several articles about tiny house’s being stolen.
This is something that most people in a traditional house, condo or apartment, would never dream of, but unfortunately this is a real issue for an owner of a tiny house on wheels.
Any unscrupulous person with a truck and a trailer hitch could potentially steal your home!

The thought that you could come home one day and find your house gone is a frightening one, but there are ways to protect your home and property, and here are a few.

Trailer hitch locks

Trailer hitch locks are probably the easiest and most effective way to protect your house on wheels.
There are a variety of locking devices for every type of trailer.
Trailer locks are a solid first line of defense to prevent someone from towing away your home.

Put your Tiny home on blocks

If you don’t move your tiny home often then putting it on blocks will accomplish a few things.
First, it will make the house harder to steal by requiring the thieves to bring more tools and adding to the time it will take them to prepare the house to move.
The home will also be steadier on blocks and not move around as much when you’re inside moving around.
It also will reduce pressure on the trailer wheels which may extend the life of your tires.

Wheel locks

If putting the house on blocks is not an option, then wheel locks might be the next best thing.
Wheel locks are very difficult to remove even for the best crook, and hopefully just the sight of them will tell a would-be robbery to move on to an easier target.
Wheel locks may be a little unsightly but a few well placed plants will hide them nicely and you don’t need them on all the wheels, but you will want to have them placed on wheels on each side of the trailer.

Alarms and motion detectors

Trailer alarms are very similar to car alarms. You can attach Sensors to the trailer doors so they will sound if the door is opened.
Other alarms are equipped with sensors that are designed to go off if someone tries to move the trailer or tamper with the locks.
Motion detector lights can also help. You can buy and place solar or electric motion detector lights on the front, back, and sides of your tiny house.
Putting lights inside the home on timers can also be a good deterrent if you are not home at night.


Lastly, make sure and insure your tiny house.
If all the other tactics fail, at least you’ll be covered and can replace or repair the home if something bad were to happen.

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I know most of this is common sense but I must admit that I never even considered that someone could just drive off with my house!
I’m looking to go tiny next summer and I will remember this advice down the road.

bippy mc doodle
bippy mc doodle

how about , to prevent theft you could take the wheels off & store them. (and block it.)

bippy mc doodle
bippy mc doodle

and you could GPS it