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Shop Tiny Houses was formed with the expertise of two successful eCommerce entrepreneurs with a passion for bringing value to the marketplace. shares deeply in Tiny House owner’s concern for the environment, and their desire for more time and freedom. Which is why we created an all encompassing eCommerce store built solely for the Tiny House movement.


Tiny House Appliances

Compact Appliance is your one stop shop for tiny house appliances. We have specialized in manufacturing and selling appliances geared towards living on a smaller footprint for over fifteen years. Our appliances can help you heat and cool your space at an affordable price. We can also help you enjoy modern kitchen comforts with a fraction of the space.

Tiny Houses Inside

Tiny Houses Inside is owned and operated by Sarah & Julie in their Tiny home in the SF Bay Area, CA.

We were founded out of our own frustrations when we were building our tiny dream house. I wished there was somewhere we could find all that we needed in one spot, the best products made for Tiny Homes, and with reviews by other tiny-builders. You know, the people actually having to use the products and rely on them every day! Also, because, let’s face it, We Love Tiny Houses!

Tiny Houses Inside’s philosophy centers around magnifying what is essential and editing out excess, “buying once, and buying well”. We offer competitive prices on Tiny House furnishings and compact appliances.

Tiny House Interiors

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We also cater to compact space homes, RV’s, mobile homes, and college dorm or college apartment life. Also marine boat and houseboat owners need these items and interior decoration. Cottages or cabins also.


Specialty Toilets       Heaters and Stoves

Biolet                                                   Dickerson Marine Propane Heater

Dry-Flush                                            Unforgettable Fire wood stoves

Envirolet                                              Marine Stove wood stoves

Incinolet                                              Micro Showcase Heating Solutions

Nature’s Head