Nomad Micro Homes

Nomad Micro Homes

Nomad Micro Homes is one of the coolest prefab Tiny homes we’ve seen.
You can add the modules together to get a size that works right for you at an affordable price.
They van also ship their homes world wide.

NOMAD’s designer Ian Kent has certainly pushed the size limits of liveable homes. By incorporating an innovative staircase and varying ceiling heights as well as maximizing natural light, Ian was able to prevent this tiny house from being claustrophobic.

True to its name, NOMAD can move and adapt to almost any location. Resistant to termites, moisture, and fire, its strong, lightweight structure facilitates both easy construction and reduced shipping costs. NOMAD Micro Homes can be used singly or combined in modules to specifically accommodate your personal space requirements.

Compact • Worldwide Shipping • Home Assembled • Under $30K

A groundbreaking eco-conscious micro home, proudly manufactured in British Columbia, Canada for easy DIY assembly. Living area, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area are all seamlessly integrated into the 10’ x 10’ Micro and 12’ x 12’ Cube. Proudly supports affordable, sustainable living.

Location: Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-644-5308


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