Could the Kodasema Solar-powered prefab tiny house be the next “Big” thing in Tiny Living?

Koda Tiny House

In a bid to solve the UK’s housing crisis, Estonian design collective Kodasema has launched its prefabricated 25-square-metre or approximately 269 square feet micro home that takes less than a day to build and can be relocated to make use of vacant sites.

The Koda house costs just £150,000 as a package (roughly $190,000 U.S.) – including the cost of planning and building regulations, as well as delivery, site preparation, installation and connections to water, electricity and sewage.

The structure, which doesn’t need foundations and can be moved on the back of a flatbed truck, aims to “shake up” the UK property market by encouraging self-build culture and better use of empty plots of land.

This type of design and portability could also be very attractive to tiny house buyers in the United States.
Koda’s sleek design, and high adaptability to a variety of functions, including as temporary housing, a vacation dwelling, cafe, office, workshop, studio, or classroom, it could very well find a market in the States.
As for its many appealing amenities, Koda incorporates solar panels on the roof, vacuum-insulated concrete walls, smart-home controls, a full-height window making up the front of the home, an open-plan living area and kitchen, and a lofted sleeping space.

Solar panels are mounted on the roof of the Koda house to generate power, and inside is smart-home controls including alarms, adjustable LED lighting and climate control. The walls are made from thin, vacuum-insulated concrete walls that help to keep the space warm or cool depending on the season, as well as insulating against noise.

A full-height quadruple-glazed window fronts the concrete block, which contains an open-planned lounge and kitchen at ground level and a mezzanine bedroom.

The sleeping area is set above the kitchen units, while the bathroom is located behind them. A 3.5-metre wide terrace integrated into the facade of the house ensures there is always at least a small strip of outdoor space.

A stacking model of the design will be released in 2018, which would double the square footage and give this tiny house much broader appel.


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