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Yurt Builders

Nomad Shelter

Nomad Shelter

Nomad Shelter Inc has been producing yurts for the Alaskan and world markets for 16 years. Our yurts are used as primary residences from the tundra’s of Nome to interior subarctic foot hills at...

hawaii yurts

Yurts of Hawaii

We build yurts. Strong, beautiful, inspired, and economical housing from Mongolia. Located on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Yurts of Hawai’i helps design yurts best suited to your needs and budget. Help us tailor our variety...

Laurel nest studio

Laurel Nest Yurts

Laurel Nest Yurts is America’s affordable yurt solution. We are committed to being a resource for yurts and yurt building information. Whether you wish to build your own yurt, or have us hand craft...

Blue Ridge Yurts

Blue Ridge Yurts

Yurts are a bridge between past and future. To live in a yurt is to reconnect with our natural origins, and rekindle our potential for living simply. The smooth round walls and soft light...

white mountain yurts

White Mountain Yurts

At White Mountain Yurts we look forward to providing you with a new way to live. Our yurts, based on traditional Mongolian dwellings, are a great way to experience a living space that is...