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Tiny House Builders Canada

Nomad Micro Homes

Nomad Micro Homes

Nomad Micro Homes is one of the coolest prefab Tiny homes we’ve seen. You can add the modules together to get a size that works right for you at an affordable price. They van...

tiny homes canada

Tiny Homes Canada

At Tiny Homes Canada, building custom designed spaces is our specialty, because we know you didn’t say no to conventional living just to live in someone else’s box. Tiny Homes Canada specializes in custom-built...


Rewild Homes

Rewild Homes – We are Vancouver Island’s premier custom tiny home builder. Our focus on using high-quality materials and fixtures ensures that every one of our homes meets the highest standards of luxury, longevity,...

blackbird tiny homes

BlackBird Tiny Homes

Blackbird is a premier builder of custom tiny homes for the Canadian and american market. it is led by a passionate builder and advocate for the tiny house movement and is committed to helping...

Mint Tiny Homes

Mint Tiny Homes

Mint tiny homes are built to the same specifications as those of a traditional home on a concrete foundation. With the use of 2×4 construction, or a metal frame, Mint is able to create...