Amazing Wind Tree Sculpture

The Company New Wind has created the wind tree.
Wind power generated from light breezes is perfect for backyards or even rooftops.
The Aeroleaves are completely silent when spinning and can generate power from winds as slow as 5 mph.
It can also generate power from wind coming in at any direction.

A single Aeroleaves tree can provide around 3.1 KW which is enough power 15 street lamps for a year.
The first wind trees were installed in Paris. The steel tree stands 36 feet tall by 26 feet in diameter. Each tree has 72 artificial wind turbine leaves.
Aside from generating power it also stands as a piece of modern art.
The wind tree is designed to withstand a category 3 hurricane.
Cost $36,500 which they say will pay for itself after only a few years.

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